25 February 2010

The Wall is like a box of chocolates

Lara Sawinski wonders: "What movie is Pink watching in The Wall film?  The movie heard on the album is different from the movie in The Wall film.  Also, the movie seen in The Wall film is the same as the one playing in the background in Forrest Gump."

Pink is watching The Dambusters in The Wall film.  This 1954 British film, starring Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd, depicts the World War II events in 1943 when the Ruhr dams were destroyed by Dr. Barnes Wallis' bouncing bombs.  Incidentally, one of the real-life "Dambuster" pilots was the late Leonard Cheshire.  The film heard on The Wall album is the equally classic World War II epic, The Battle of Britain.  Both are arguably far more interesting than The Wall film itself.

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