23 February 2010

Animals, Pigs, and Gore-Whitehouse

An anonymous writer penned: "I really appreciated Brain Damage's commentary on Animals in issue 37, which is right in line with what I always thought that record was about. The only difference is that I pictured the Pigs not to necessarily have 'higher than normal intelligence' but to have attained their starting wealth through means out of their control (i.e. silver spoons)."

Pigs CAN be born into positions of wealth and power, and these characters are the most dangerous of all, but it is not a prerequisite to being a pig that you inherit your fortune necessarily.  Case in point, compare Mary Whitehouse as portrayed in the song Pigs, a woman bent on keeping sex off British television, to Tipper Gore (wife of Al Gore) who headed up the PMRC (Parent's Music Resource Coalition).  The PMRC's goal was to sticker CDs with offensive lyrics or content as determined by, you guessed it, the PMRC.  These people, as Roger Waters pointed out, are very insecure and terribly neurotic individuals in need of flogging or banishment from public service.  As far as "higher than normal intelligence," it has been documented that pigs demonstrate a rather remarkable ability to solve problems and adapt to their surroundings to a much greater extent than other barnyard animals.  You should try reading George Orwell's Animal Farm.  It may finally twig.

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