24 February 2010

Still First In Space

Pat Jurgaitis of Waukegan, IL wrote: "Dear Uncle and Auntie Custard, I just got my nifty Atom Heart Mother t-shirt when I noticed a satellite emblazoned on the back with the phrase "Still First In Space" tagging along.  What is the significance of this?"

It may have something to do with the Floyd's early stigma of "space rockers", or perhaps that a NASA pilot brought Dark Side of the Moon with him into space, or most likely the well-documented orbital entry of an advance copy of Delicate Sound of Thunder provided by the band to a Russian cosmonaut.  Or, it could be related to the US military's "Bovine Space Entry" projects carried out in the late 40s.  The latter is particularly possible in light of several new Top Secret government documents released to public domain recently.  In reality, large Fresian cows were launched on the back of captured German V-1 and V-2 rockets.  Pink Floyd unknowingly used on of a series of leaked US military test report photos that came into their possession (others included the cow fully clothed in a space suit, helmet and boots) for the sleeve of Atom Heart Mother - hence the motif on the t-shirt.  Furthermore, under the standard 25-year state secrecy laws, it is only now that we can demand to know in what capacity the Floyd were involved in secret government tests.  However, I am in no position to advise you on how to petition the CIA, as I am reminded of how badly the Dali Llama beat me in gambling in Vegas during the "World Conference on Spiritual Development" week.

As for Auntie Custard, have a look at the front of your t-shirt.

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