24 February 2010

The missing link?

Steve Elliot of Arlington, Virginia asks: "In a release from Cleopatra Records called The Missing Link to Tyrannosaurus Rex (CLEO 9528-2), amongst the musician credits are these two curious entries:
Crazy Diamond - Guitar and Various Noises
Twink - Drums
It also reads 'All tracks recorded Early 1972 on 8-track, London, England'. Also, track 8 is titled Syd's Wine.  Could this be unknown Barrett work?"

Twink was at one point a fellow band member of Syd's in the short-lived Stars.  Incidentally, tapes of all Stars shows and rehearsals were made, but have since been lost, probably for all time.  All work on The Missing Link to T. Rex does not have any connection to Syd at all and certainly there is no record of him ever recording anything of this nature.  Interesting find nonetheless.

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