27 February 2010

Alan PARSON's psychedelic breakfast?

Rob Phillips of Montreal wonders if "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast was named with Alan Parsons in mind?. If so, is that his voice in the song?  I always assumed it was Nick Mason."

The Alan in question is roadie Alan Stiles, pictured on the back cover of Ummagumma along with Peter Watts.  Nick Mason's voice can be heard, but it is mostly Alan Stiles'.  Also, it was recorded in Nick's kitchen, so there you are, a mystery breakfast!  The live presentation sometimes involved the construction of furniture and the cooking of bacon and eggs, the aroma of which pervaded throughout the concert hall!  Despite oft-quoted 'fact' that it was only performed once live at Sheffield City Hall in December 1970, it was actually performed a number of other times.  But, as Rick Wright said, "It didn't work at all so we had to give it up. Quite honestly, it's a bad number."

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