19 February 2010

All a big Blur...

Vicky from South Wales:  "How on earth did Blur win "Best British Group" and "Best Album By a British Artist" in the 1996 Brit awards when Pink Floyd deserved both awards a million times over?"

The reason why the Floyd did not win that year's Brit Awards is that they've done bugger all, and therefore didn't qualify.  But, it's all a matter of opinion really, isn't it?  Voters for the awards are drawn on by the general public through magazines that have a readership of younger music buyers, as well as people who work in the music industry, and are casting a vote of admiration for an artist that has made a notable achievement.  Pink Floyd has long had the ability to sell itself, no matter what it is (i.e. a plate of steaming shite with "Pink Floyd" written on it would still sell millions - there is no effort involved).  Do they need awards, recognition, and further ego-stroking at this stage in their lives?  Certainly not.  Besides, it seems Dave would no longer fit the duds he wore to the last ceremony.

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