26 February 2010

All those BBC Sessions questions...

Between what was recorded in the studio, recorded for a live audience, and the difference between recording and broadcast dates, the questions regarding the heavily bootlegged BBC Sessions can best be dealt with by this entry:

The Pink Floyd BBC Radio One Sessions
Line 1:  Recorded on this date for this Show               
Line 2:  Tracks
Line 3:  Venue and Broadcast Date

3 April 1967 for Monday, Monday
Arnold Layne, Candy and a Currant Bun.
Live session broadcast from BBC Playhouse Theatre, London.

28 July 1967 for Saturday Club
Session commissioned at BBC Playhouse Theatre, London but cancelled due to Syd Barrett 'freaking out' in the studio.

25 September 1967 for Top Gear
The Gnome, The Scarecrow, Set the Controls, Matilda Mother, Reaction in G, Flaming.
Recorded at BBC Playhouse Theatre, London. Broadcast 1 October 1967 (except for Apples and Oranges, which was not broadcast until 5 November 1967).

20 December 1967 for Top Gear
Vegetable Man, Scream Thy Last Scream, Jugband Blues, Pow R. Toc H. 
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London. Broadcast 31 December 1967.

25 June 1968 for Top Gear
Murderistic Woman, The Massed Gadgets of Hercules, Let There Be More Light, Julia Dream.
Recorded at BBC 210 Piccadilly Studios, London. Broadcast 11 August 1968.

2 December 1968 for Top Gear
Point Me at the Sky, Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major, The Embryo, Interstellar Overdrive. 
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London. Broadcast 15 December 1968.

20 December 1968 for Radio One Club
Let There Be More Light, Set the Controls, Point Me at the Sky, Careful with that Axe. 
Live broadcast from the BBC Paris Cinema, London.

12 May 1969 for Night Ride
Daybreak, Cymbaline, Green is the Colour, The Narrow Way. 
Recorded at BBC Paris Cinema, London. Broadcast 14 May 1969, repeated on Top Gear 1 June 1969.

9 April 1969 for Radio One Club
Live session booked but the group didn't turn up.

16 July 1970 for Peel Sunday Concert
The Embryo, Green is the Colour, Careful with that Axe, Atom Heart Mother, If. 
Recorded at BBC Paris Cinema, London. Broadcast 19 July and repeated 22 July 1970.

30 September 1971 for In Concert
Fat Old Sun, One of These Days, Echoes, The Embryo, Blues.
Recorded at BBC Paris Cinema, London. Broadcast 12 October 1971 (except for Blues, which was never broadcast in the UK).

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