22 February 2010

Earls Court sole UK venue in 1994

Alan Jepson from Blackpool wonders: "Why did Pink Floyd only play Earls Court on the UK leg of the Division Bell tour?"

Earls Court was the only indoor venue in the world large enough to take the full 1994 stage show.  It only managed it with a few inches at the top to spare!


  1. I saw the show at B.C. place in Vancouver (twice). Also indoors, also in the world.

  2. A stumble of words of course. I was speaking to the availability of indoor venues in the UK. At the time, Earls Court was the only indoor venue in the UK that could accommodate the dimensions of the Division Bell stage show (again, within a few inches of the ceiling). Numerous other venues could have been chosen, but the logistics of the stage design combined with October temperatures left Earls Court the only option.


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