Pink Floyd Lyrics examined here!

Of all questions received, the most common are those asking either what was said in a song or what was meant by it.  Issues regarding lyrics and their meaning can be burdensome and almost always subjective.  Instead of trying to tackle such lofty themes in this Q&A, another column has been started for that sole purpose.

Pink Floyd Lyrics, Themes & Meanings

Not so lost for words in the end, therein lies the most complete examination, review, and discussion of all lyrics and meanings behind every Pink Floyd song.  A daunting task that has already begun full steam.  When you go to that link (, click on the Alphabetical Song Index.  From there you can check out those songs already entered, and monitor new entries as they're added.

As you will see, it's much more than just lyrics.  Each entry also endeavors to give the story behind the song, quotes from band members and relevant characters, and a discussion of the symbolism and meaning (if any). The success of these listings is dependent on your input, so don't be bashful.  Join in and offer your unique perspective and insight for any songs you wish to discuss.  We endeavor to not only provide a useful resource for fans, but also an enjoyable one.