25 February 2010

Beastie Boys and their Floyd equipment

Carter Jahnoke of New Orleans observed: "During the video for Gratitude by the Beastie Boys, I noticed a lot of focus being placed on the amps and speakers, of which on the side was written 'Pink Floyd - London'.  Do you know why they were using Pink Floyd equipment, and were they trying to make some sort of statement?"

I've been waiting for someone to ask this question.  Around the time before the Gratitude video appeared, the Beastie Boys were on MTV spouting off about how they were searching the world over for vintage instruments and sound equipment such as amps, speakers, wah-wah pedals, fuzz pedals, that sort of thing.  The whole point was to capture that "magic groove" from the 70s (go figure).  Well, it looks like they snatched up some of the Floyd's old sound equipment as used in Pompei, and used a kangaroo instead of ancient statues no less.  The Floyd retired all that equipment after Dark Side of the Moon.  The Gratitude video is so obvious a visual rip-off of Pink Floyd Live in Pompei (specifically Echoes) that I will now set off to remake The Wall film with Oliver Stone directing and starring Duckman in the role of Pink.  As for any statements implied by their use of Floyd equipment, who knows.  They could be saying "for once there's good music being played through these speakers!"  Any Beastie Boys fans around to shed more light?

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