01 March 2010

A storm of Nick Mason questions

Tim Silbernagel of Prince George, Canada fires:  "Was Nick Mason's biography 'Life Could Be A Dream' released on video or was it a TV broadcast only? Was The Final Cut video EP ever released in North America? Mason and Fenn have done several advertising jingles; which ones? Mason and Fenn did the soundtrack for the film 'Rooftops'; was it ever released as an LP soundtrack? I have heard of a book on Pink Floyd entitled 'A Day In The Life'; who wrote it, published it, etc? The music in the background during the 1966 interview of the Floyd on CBC is an early version of Interstellar Overdrive. When was this recorded, how long is the complete piece, and is it available without the interview?"

"Life Could Be A Dream" - Nick's 27-minute 1984 film had only two UK cable airings with no video release. Yet for some bizarre reason, an edited version turned up on a commercial airline's in-flight video film service! The Final Cut Video EP was released in both the US and UK for a period, but has long since been deleted.  As for ad jingles, details are sketchy at present, but "Dance of the Ferraris" was used for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989 and Nick did the music for Lloyd's Bank 'black horse' TV ad.  Nick has also driven his vintage cars in other ads which initially just wanted to hire them (he wasn't busy at the time, so...).  Rooftops?  Fuck knows, never heard of it.  "A Day In The Life: Voices From the English Underground 1961-1971" by Jonathan Green (Minerva, London 1988: ISBN 07483 90123) includes about 20 pages devoted entirely to Pink Floyd, tracing the counterculture in the UK.  The CBC Interstellar Overdrive was probably recorded in February 1966 and is not available without the interview intruding at some point.  The complete version is 11 minutes and very scarce in listenable quality.

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  1. "Dance of the Ferraris" was used for the Frankfurt Motor Show....
    Not correct....was for the Essen Motor Show

    Greets, Tox


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