07 March 2010

The Fantastick Animation Festival

Ron Gagg of Washington asks: "Sometime in the late 70s I attended a movie in Bloomington, Indiana called 'The Fantastick Animation Festival'.  Included in the movie was a Floyd video called something like '2000 Hotels' with the animation set to One of These Days. Could you confirm its existense?"

Actually called "200 Motels", this was a Frank Zappa film.  But the One of These Days animated video was the same one broadcast by The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC) in 1974, showing Harlequin dancers pogoing in a surrealistic vortex backdrop entitled "French Windows".  The Fantastick Animation Festival did exist; I remember it, but missed it.  Strangely though, I do remember the two featured artists were Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens.

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