14 March 2010

Beds, beds, beds!

Jerry Carlson of Indiana queries: "I have heard there are two different covers for A Momentary Lapse of Reason. If this is true, please describe them both."

There are many slight variations, but the biggest one can be seen if you look at the man sitting on the bed.  On the US cover he is holding a mirror and the bed cover is blue.  On the UK cover he is holding two sticks of some sort and the bed cover is purple.  Furthermore, on the US version the tide is closer, the picture has a black border, and the hang glider is slightly closer.  The US "PF" symbol is red, the UK is orange.  The squiggly lines on the bottom right corner on the US are orange, and the UK are blue.  Overall, the US cover has a glossy finish while the UK has a matte (dull) finish.  There are many other animal and human variations of each, but quite simply two different photos taken at the same session.  Also, to confuse matters further, there were two different US covers. The current stock copy and a misprint, which had a very blurred front cover photo and different colored logos. It was briefly available in the shops before being withdrawn.

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