06 March 2010

Furry animals in a cave

Mike O'Connor from Tennessee wonders: "On Several Species there is a speech at the end in some foreign dialect. What is the language spoken and, more importantly, what is being said?  Second, in the Crazy Diamond box set booklet, the picture on the front near the saying 'What Colour Is Sound?', there are five people in the picture looking down at the camera.  Who is the fifth person?"

It is the timeless confrontation between the light and dark forces, carried out in a small cave on the coast of Scotland as far back as 300 AD.  The language is ancient and belonged to a tribe of Scottish Picts known for their fiery temper.  Slowing down the vinyl reveals several fragments before Waters fires up with his soliloquy, such as "that was pretty avant garde, wasn't it."  Speeding up the vinyl reveals "bring back my guitar."  The rant however is only Waters speaking English in a Scottish accent, spouting some rather bloody and violent (and poor quality) poetry.  You can bet your amazing pudding on that!  And the fifth person in the photo is none other than Bob Close.  (Note:  For the complete transcription of Waters' poetry in Several Species, and our analysis, see the listing for this track on our Pink Floyd Lyrics, Themes & Meanings site, specifically here... Several Species.)

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