08 March 2010

One of these axes, Dr Phang...

Phoenix resident Kevin Stewart asks: "What is One of These Days, and Careful With That Axe Eugene about?  Also, exactly how rare are the Nice Pair vinyls depicting the Dr. Phang picture?"

One of These Days (I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces) marked Nick's debut vocal outing.  It was simply an instrumental which seemed fairly violent, so the title had to reflect this.  It originally had some inspiration in UK radio presenter Jimmy Young, going by the initial demo of the track which samples Jimmy (and basically rips the piss out of the guy!).  Careful With That Axe can be explained similarly.  As for A Nice Pair, Dr. Phang covers are the only ones you can easily pick up, with the non-Phang covers being rarer now.  In explanation for all unaware readers, Dr. Phang was a real dentist.  He was prohibited by law from advertising, so when the picture appeared on the top right hand side of the cover, it was determined to be just that (advertising).  It was swiftly substituted, but not before most of the pressing was distributed.

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  1. side note: 'One of these Days' is Nick's first 'released' vocal performance.
    'Scream Thy Last Scream' (still officially unreleased) is his debut vocal. Now a question: do you know when the 'Merry Xmas Song' was recorded for the BBC? (also has Nick on vocals)


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